Shevchenko: the Result is negative, but for us, nothing is lost

Шевченко: Результат негативный, но для нас ничего не потеряно

Andriy Shevchenko

The coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko has promised up to fight for a place at the 2018 world Cup.

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko commented on the defeat against Croatia.

The game consisted of episodes. When Croatia is in some phase of the game had the advantage, they implement it. We also do the same failed.

The result is negative, but the segments we showed good football. Yes, Croatia is now an advantage, but for us, nothing is lost. We will fight to the end for reaching the final of the world Cup.

Croatia and Ukraine – different team… any team is determined by the performers. We studied the opponents and know how they are going to act. The same mandžukić most of the time was playing second striker. Maybe the first fifteen minutes the guys are a little confused, but then everything was good.

No wonder Modric and Rakitic play in Real Madrid and Barcelona. They also created scoring chances. It is difficult to assess, but a momentary loss of attention and led to a goal. On the other hand, is very classy players who can take advantage of a small chance. We are his capabilities are not implemented. Although before we conceded the goal we had a few mistakes.

We have built our game not only on the pressure in the middle of the field… We tried to escape in counterattack, to attack the flanks… If Croatia had a slight advantage in midfield, we’ve won the flanks…

The first defeat in the coaching career… I have a long history in football and I know that to win is always impossible. You can play in different ways. We lost the game when fit. Let’s go forward.

Matvienko? Nicholas played normally. Especially when you consider the strength of the opposition, the debut Matvienko and the youth.

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