Shevchenko: the selection for the 2018 world Cup, we played without a striker

Шевченко: Весь отбор на ЧМ-2018 мы играли без нападающего

Andriy Shevchenko

Andriy Shevchenko sort through the events of the period of his work in the national team of Ukraine.

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko in the program of the Great football spoke about the performances of the national team at the 2018 world Cup qualifier, the rules and traditions, and the way in which the team will follow under his leadership.

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– Of course, if fans have already started to lose faith in the national team, this is a serious challenge for the coach of the national team. I believe in Ukrainian football, I believe the Ukrainian players, and I knew the team from the inside. The main objective was to move away from the club priorities: Shakhtar, Dynamo or something else. Needed to unite children around the national team.

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– To solve all the problems failed. Each game is a new challenge, because I always have a situation that if one injured defender, we had no adequate replacement. In particular, we had to change people’s positions. Bohdan Butko received enough received playing practice in the miner, because of his position played Darijo Srna. Now in Ukrainian football and nearly no player who would have played at his level. We have good players, but they currently do not meet the level. Further, the problem with the striker. Since the first games in the cycle, to the last we played without a striker.

About the game practice

– We have a lot of positions where players come to the national team, not getting some game practice in their clubs. We invited them because we had no other possibilities, there were not enough qualified replacements for these players. Players come in different States, and when the player is not playing at his club, especially when paired matches, he can play well one game, but this player will be hard to expect the same efficiency. Therefore, we have had problems in the two, when in the second games, the team always looked physically worse.

About the new names

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– The first thing we look at is the youth. Players who played in the team, we are trying to attract. Came to many, but those that are entrenched here, we see the future. We have two candidates: this is a left-wing defenders of Sable and Matvienko. According to Marlos, the decision was made by not me, but himself. I don’t have the right to refuse such a player. When he received the passport, then got into my sphere of attention, and I invited him. This player in the future will help us. The skeleton is not yet formed.

About the climate in the team

– They don’t all have to be friends with each other. But coming into the team, they should have respect for the partners. Second, they should focus on the overall result. There should be a discipline, and when conflicts occur, they must be resolved inside. This is normal, this is a normal process. The atmosphere, which managed to create this powerful result on a common goal, the desire to play with each other, the desire to help each other. Everyone feels a part of this team. There are some specific traditions, they have changed a little. For example, every beginner needs to sing a song. This all brings students together, they get into a bit of a stressful situation. For anyone public speaking allows you to get new emotions. Such things bring.

About accessibility

We opened for media, for journalists and for the fans. Because, the main motivator for the players — is a fan. And the journalist connects players and fans. We all work as one. The fan has a right to know what’s going on inside. The players and coaches have to feel the pressure, the responsibility for the result. The fans need to know that the players give 100%. The most important thing. I spoke with many fans, all always Express the same opinion. They want to see the team struggling, which is given to the game.

On the nature of the

I agree with you completely, we need to show our character. We need to pull out of the game, even those in which it was very hard. In some games, manifest imbalance, especially in the understanding of the situation when you need to regroup and hold the game. In such situations, we showed character until the end. Of course, we expect a lot from leaders. And we wait, and we demand, because if they become leaders, you must lead.


– We are not good enough and confidently played with strong opponents. I would like to see the team more compact, more angry, more aggressive. It I’m unhappy. We lost in the episodes, had to beat the Icelanders — these aren’t excuses, these are facts. In Iceland we failed the second time as well as failed the first time in Croatia. We played confidently enough, failed to convert our chances. In Kiev there was a similar situation: played the first half well, but the second failed. I associate it with nature, but in any case not with the game, as we didn’t lose the game. We lost in terms of individual skill, I agree with this entirely. We need to modify in the matches with strong opponents, where you have to pull out of ourselves more than we are showing at the moment.

About the result

– I was asked the result. We reached the finish line, but didn’t win it. We stumbled before the finish. Full responsibility for the result, I assume. If I continue to work, the focus will be on achieving results. We all work on it. The result we achieve through high-quality game. I believe that we have created a team that is willing to work for the result. We have raised the level of the game, I would like to work with the team. But the decision of the Executive Committee — that’s his business,” – said Shevchenko.

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