Shevchenko: the Team are expecting a tough game in which we need only victory

Шевченко: Cборную ждет тяжелая игра, в которой нам нужна только победа

Andriy Shevchenko and Andriy Pyatov

Andriy Shevchenko before the match with Finland spoke about the loss of the team and about the goals, faced by the players.

On the eve of the qualifying match of the 2018 world Cup between the national teams of Finland and Ukraine have held a press-conference of Andrei Shevchenko, where the coach of “blue-yellow” has answered questions of journalists.

The head coach of the national team began communicating with reporters from the latest news from the camp of “blue-yellow”:

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“With the team are fine, we had a good collection. The only problem we have at the moment – Petryak who dropped out of the game because of a toothache. He was treated, but most likely, it will not be ready for tomorrow’s match,” said Shevchenko.

The coach of the Ukrainian team asked about the impact on the game team Finland the absence of one of the key performers of Roman Eremenko, and will it be a plus for Ukraine in the upcoming game. According to Shevchenko, Finns have had to adapt to the absence of this player.

“He got a lengthy suspension, knows the team and the coach. Indeed, it is the leading player, but I don’t think this will play a big role in the outcome of the confrontation. The complexity of the work as the national team coach. For a number of reasons some strong performers cannot participate in matches due to cards or medical problems,” said the coach.

“We respect the team of Finland. As to all the teams that are in our group. For the Finns it is a matter of prestige, after all they play at home, so they will try to play well. Over them there is no pressure in the standings. We have a very different purpose. We came here to win. All the guys are ready for this, so it is important for us to play well and win it,” – said Shevchenko on the motivation of the national team of Ukraine.

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Answering the question about the conclusions, made after losing the friendly match against Malta, coach of the national team of Ukraine called the sparring training with increased responsibility. But, according to him, it was not with high and low responsibility.

“I think we all learned a lesson from this match. In order to win the teams need to do some effort to connect the speed, to fight, to play the class. No mood today impossible to win. We discussed this game, looked at our mistakes. Most importantly, the students realized that tomorrow we expect a difficult game in which we need a result”, – said Shevchenko.

Note that the match Finland – Ukraine will be held June 11 in Tampere, Finland. will conduct a text broadcast of the match will start at 19:00 Kyiv time.

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