Shevchenko: We have done the groundwork, but the problem is still not solved

Шевченко: Мы сделали задел, но задача еще не решена

Andriy Shevchenko

Andriy Shevchenko is confident that as the group is not yet complete.

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko at the press conference after the match with Slovakia in the League of Nations thanked the players for their commitment and the fans for their support.

— How did you managed to win?

— First of all, I want to thank the guys, they are really fulfilled the game plan. The match was very heavy. The Slovaks are a good team. A large role was played by the patience we showed. If opened up, lose ground, could be a problem, but the guys played in an organized way.

The task was to play narrow, push opponents to the flank and wait for the chance. The chance came Tsygankov took to the wing and earned a penalty. Comment it will not. The judge appointed, therefore, his decision. It gave us a chance and we used it. I think that we played football, well moved. The interaction that was playing on the training completed.

— Why did you change the Linnet? It seemed that he was fresh Yarmolenko during the game.

— We saw where can enhance the game. The replacement was successful. Zhenya was great, it was fresh. But coach needs to make decisions during the game and see where to reinforce. The chief today was a team effort. We reached him. Thank you guys for the dedication.

— If Ukraine will ensure first place in group game with the Czech Republic, the last game with Slovakia on the road use those who play less in the team?

— I would, of course, but you so look far… We had a good start, but it is important not only from the tournament point of view. It is important to keep the structure of the game. Don’t always have enough time in the team. Guys go to clubs. Every exercise you have to use as momentum. To go from game to game. It is difficult to run so far so forward.

In our group, nothing is decided. Ahead of a tough game. We have a strong and balanced group. We’ve done the groundwork, but the problem is still not solved.

— You were calmer in the technical area today than three days ago. The result in the Czech Republic calmed or the game with the Slovaks without the fans?

— Probably have learned to hide their emotions. Experienced today, understood the importance of the match. Hard to play without spectators, with them more emotions. The stadium and fans help. Especially here in Lviv. I want to thank the fan zone too. We have heard your support for the stadium, thanks for that.

— The team you gave one of the most successful races in tournaments. You feel that the team is growing and it will be even better?

— The victory of faith. I do not doubt the direction which chose the team. The growth is still early to say. Importantly, the team gradually becoming more aware of the structure of the game. We are moving in the right direction. About results to speak early. They need to achieve and solve the problems that confront us.

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