Shevchenko: When meeting Lucescu wish good luck, but not in the match against Ukraine

Шевченко: При встрече пожелаю Луческу удачи, но не в матче против Украины

Andriy Shevchenko

The head coach of the national team Andriy Shevchenko has answered questions of journalists.

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko said that next week plans to announce an extended squad for the matches of the qualifying cycle for the 2018 world Cup against Turkey and Iceland, and also noted that the early start of the championship of Ukraine will go for the team.

In Europe the season is just beginning, and our clubs are in good playing form. Before the September international break we have it on hand?

– I hope so. In the autumn we traditionally easier to play than in the spring, when players need time to get into the competitive rhythm after a long break and deep fees. For the European clubs don’t have this problem, they have no such breaks in tournaments and such a long training as Ukrainian groups. In the first official matches of the season sometimes there are some difficulties, but no one pays attention.

Of course, it’s good that our teams by September will play as many matches. Won Dynamo have already played seven games, and before the end of summer will play five more.

– Your first impressions of the beginning of the season in Ukraine?

They came back positive. The players were well prepared, their physical condition can not but rejoice.

In the spring you had enough problems with lack of practice, many artists do you expect. How do you find the staffing situation for Ukraine national team at the moment?

– Difficulty has always been, is and will be. But the time we have. I again want to announce the expanded list of players, it will include a lot of foreign players. I think early next week we will name their names. Many of them are still only in training camp, some of the Championships has not yet started. So, let’s consider a list and will continue to monitor them.

– You said that the list of players for the matches with Turkey and Iceland will be impressive. The fans again expect surprises?


– See new names can appear.


– The Turkish national team not so long ago was headed by Mircea Lucescu. How did you react to the news?

– I have great respect for this professional who has left an appreciable trace in the history of Shakhtar. Lucescu has done a lot for Ukrainian football, has prepared many players for the national team of our country. At the meeting, and wish him good luck. But not in the match against the national team of Ukraine…

– Many players of your team he knows almost by heart. For us it’s a minus?

– Our main task – to show all their best qualities and achieve a positive result.

Recall that the match Ukraine – Turkey will take place on 2 September in Kharkiv, and on September 5 the Ukrainian national team will play against Iceland away.

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