Shkiryak called the questioning Yanukovych’s provocation

Шкиряк назвал допрос Януковича провокацией

Protesters at the jail had not released berkutovtsy

The adviser to the interior Minister also said that the police will do “everything possible” to deliver Berkut officers in court.

Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs Zoryan Shkiryak declared that videotapes former President Viktor Yanukovych is a provocation from the Russian side.

Today’s questioning of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych fell, due to the fact that the Right sector blocked the exit of “Berkut” from prison. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said that law enforcement officers will not engage in violent conflict with the protesters.

“Today’s videotape is such a deliberate provocation from the Russian side, which has been launched by the lawyers of “Berkut”, – said Shkiryak in the air of TV channel 112 Ukraine.

In his opinion, Yanukovych must be questioned in the case of the killings of activists of the revolution of Dignity as a suspect.

Speaking about the meeting, on 28 November, Shkiryak noted that “as said today the Minister of internal Affairs, the national police will do everything in her power to bring suspects of crimes against the Maidan in the court as soon as possible. No need around this to make any conspiracy conclusions”, – said Shkiryak.

We will note that Yanukovych called criminals those who broke his interrogation.