Shock Bayraktar. Why Ukraine Turkish drones

Ударные Bayraktar. Зачем Украине турецкие дроны

Bayraktar TB2 is a reconnaissance strike UAV

The Turkish company will supply the Ukrainian army with their latest drones. Experts told about their pros and cons, and in Russia – about their impact on the conflict in the Donbass.

Ukraine has signed a contract to buy drones from Turkish origin, is able to perform strike function: to destroy armored vehicles, engineering and fortifications, and naval objectives, said the President Petro Poroshenko, reported the contract.

Turkey used Bayraktar TB2 against the militants of the “Islamic state” and Kurdish rebels in Syria. Turkish drones set a world record in its class. Why did they Ukraine Корреспондент.net tells details.


Ukraine will receive drones

On the signing of a contract for the purchase of a new for the Ukrainian army weapons, was produced in one of the NATO countries -Turkey, Poroshenko announced on January 12 on his page in Facebook.

“The state concern Ukroboronprom has purchased percussion Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones for our army. Given the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) to NATO standards”, – stated in the message of the President.

In the video attached to this, it is said that in Kiev on the basis of the state enterprise Ivchenko-Progress, which proizvoit aircraft engines “worked out the project of creation of joint Ukrainian-Turkish enterprise for production of components for unmanned vehicle systems, in particular, engines and other avionics”.

Replacement Of The Hail. The new Ukrainian weapons and equipment

Advisor to the President Yury Biryukov said that the attack drones Ukraine buys from Turkey, “complete with weapons”.

“It’s six of the gliders, hundreds of missiles, it is the station management, it training and is preparing a joint production of the complex on the territory of Ukraine. Deadly bird that can hang in the air a day at the height of eight kilometers,” – wrote Biryukov ha his page in Facebook.

A former adviser to the chief of the General staff of the APU Nathan Khazin said that Turkish drones “can strike suddenly, without endangering the personnel.”

About the contract with Turkey have appeared in the beginning of November last when Biryukov has published a photo of Poroshenko on the background of the UAV Bayraktar TB2 in Istanbul.

According to the Turkish state Anadolu Agency, one complex, which consists of six drones and two ground control systems, will be delivered to Ukraine during the year. How much Ukraine will cost this contract is unknown.


Combat experience Bayraktar TB2

Bayraktar TB2 is a reconnaissance strike UAV private Turkish company Baykar Makina. Belongs to the class of tactical medium-altitude UAV with long-endurance. With Turkish software and electronics.

Can carry anti-tank and aircraft bombs. Cruising speed is 130 kilometers per hour. The wingspan is 12 meters. Maximum takeoff weight of the drone is 650 pounds. Load capacity of 55 pounds. The radius of 150 kilometers. The altitude of 8.2 kilometers.

Bayraktar TB2 – a relatively new development, the Turkish military-industrial complex. His test flights took place in 2014, the unit demonstrated the ability to stay in the air for more than 24 hours. This figure was a world record for this class of drones.

More powerful than a Tornado. New MRL in service with the APU

The first test in battle was held in the year 2016 during the Turkish operation on the border with Iraq against fighters of the Kurdistan workers ‘ party, recognized in Turkey as a terrorist). In February of last year, Kurdish forces have declared that they managed to bring down a drone near Afrin. Turkish armed stand 85 such drones.

Ukraine became the second country who have decided to purchase Bayraktar TB2. In March 2018, Ankara signed an agreement on delivery of six drones with Qatar.


For Donbass or NATO?

Experts point out that, as us drones MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper, Turkish Bayraktar TB2 is intended for search, detection and destruction of point targets in the absence of the enemy’s advanced air defense systems, and for Donbass is not suitable because it is flooded with Russian air defense systems.

However, they will help Ukraine to develop new technologies that are not at the Ukrainian specialists.

Ukroboronprom for the last five years gave APU 26 thousand units of weapons and military equipment, said on 14 January Poroshenko. He noted that in 2014 Ukraine has restored the army with the help of volunteers and volunteers for a very short period of time.

Note that in Ukraine there are own development of UAVs, including volunteers, who have already not the first year engaged in the Donbas. At the moment there are at least ten Ukrainian companies working in this field. Detail in the material and Military intelligence: the new Ukrainian drones.

As noted in the message of the President on the contract, the Ukrainian army goes to the NATO standards. January 10, Poroshenko said that Ukraine will complete the process in 2020.

“In 2020, the APU will be organized and able to act entirely according to NATO standards, in accordance with the law on national security,” he said.

At the end of last year, Poroshenko, speaking about the need to make a constitutional change that would consolidate the strategic course for the acquisition of full membership of Ukraine in EU and NATO, explained that only “zakoniv Ukraine in NATO the Bay”, you can once and for all to prevent the threat of escalation of the conflict with the Russian side.


What they say in Russia

The buy Ukraine Turkish reconnaissance drones has commented the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“The problem is that Ukraine is experiencing internal armed crisis, in fact, a civil war. This internal crisis has an international dimension… Accordingly, the supply of arms Kiev regime should not become a factor exacerbating the internal crisis in Ukraine”, – she told Kommersant.

The interlocutors of the newspaper believe that the emergence of Ukraine Turkish drones will not affect the conflict.

“If they are used in a purely intelligence purposes, to wait for some kind of escalation of the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine is not worth it. In General, the purchase of six new drones is more ostentatious than practical,” said a source in the military-industrial complex.

Director of the Centre for strategic conjuncture Ivan Konovalov told the publication that Bayraktar TB2 is not able to lead to a radical change in the balance of power, but may cause new tensions in the conflict zone in the Donbass, if they are used in the information war “LDNR”.

Similar opinion adheres to the Vice-President of the Russian international Affairs Council, the General-the Lieutenant in resignation Evgenie Buzhinsky.

“To call these drones are the shock is not serious. Their main goal is to conduct intelligence operations from the air, which in the current environment have for each of the parties to the conflict important,” he said.

Kommersant also quoted a source in the defense Ministry of Ukraine, which stated that Bayraktar TB2 in the Donbass will not be applied.


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