Shooting in Knyazhychi: the suspect was cleared of all obligations

Перестрелка в Княжичах: с подозреваемого сняли все обязательства

The scene of a shooting in Prince

The court canceled all the obligations imposed on the main suspect – the chief of criminal investigation Department of national police in Kiev Leonid Smoking.

Pechersky district court in Kyiv has cancelled all the obligations imposed on the former chief of criminal investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the National police in Kiev Leonid Smoking, suspected of involvement in a shootout in knyazhichi, Kiev region in Kiev region. This is stated in the materials of the court.

Stated that in late January, the court considered the petition of Prosecutor on extension of term of the obligations imposed on the suspect. After the message on suspicion in August 2017 Kuryata was under house arrest and had to wear an electronic tracking bracelet.

Gradually, all these commitments were overruled by the court.The latter obligation is to report its location expired on January 29, and the court refused to renew it.

The court decided that at the moment, there is no risk of defendant’s flight, destruction of evidence or pressure witnesses in the case about the shooting in Knyazhychi. The court noted that the gravity of the alleged offence may not be grounds for extension of a measure of restraint to the suspect.

We will remind, in a shootout in Prince 4 Dec 2016 killed five militiamen. After the tragedy, was dismissed eight people.


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