Shooting in luck: announced the basic version

Стрельба в Луцке: озвучена основная версия

The police reported that there is pre-information in one shot, and was a member. In the area of the plan Siren.

One of the basic versions of the deadly shooting at a car wash in luck – gang violence. On Monday, 5 November, said Alexander klimovskiy, Deputy head of GUNP in Volyn region and the chief of investigative management, informs a press-service of the police.

In the area of the plan Siren, involved units from other areas.

“There is pre-information in one shot, and was a member. Are working to detain them”, – said the head of GUNP in the region Peter Bacon.

The event information included in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations on signs of the crimes provided by the article on hooliganism, attempt to commit a crime or murder.

Offenders face imprisonment for the term from 10 till 15 years or lifelong imprisonment.

It was previously reported that the conflict with the shooting in Lutsk was attended by about 15 people.


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