Shooting in Mukachevo: the Right sector met

Стрельба в Мукачево: Правый сектор оправдали

Fighters of the Right sector were released from custody

The verdict of the soldiers were read out almost the whole day.

Mukachevo city district court delivered a sentence of four fighters of the Right sector suspected of the shooting of resonance 11, 2015 in Transcarpathia. It is reported Monday, June 26.

“During judicial session it became known that volunteers removed some of the charges for lack of evidence: robbery, death threats and blocking paths in the episode filling stations”, – writes the edition.

We are talking about Vladimir Burke, Sergei Deace, Roman Mooncake and Radion Gorbenko, who were accused of several serious crimes.

On other articles they were sentenced to 3 years 9 months each, but this time they were fully served on the so-called law Savchenko, when the day in isolation counts as two days of jail.

The verdict of the soldiers were read out almost the whole day, starting at 10.00. Today’s meeting lasted more than seven hours. The court’s decision can be appealed by the representatives of state prosecution.

We will remind, on July 11 last year in Mukachevo, a shooting took place involving people close to the people’s Deputy Mikhail Lano, local police, and members of the Right sector. According to various sources, the shootout killed up to 4 people, 14 were injured.