Shtepa intends to return on a post of the mayor of Slavyansk

Штепа намерена вернуться на пост мэра Славянска

Nelya Shtepa

Nelia Shtepa told about how much her support the residents of Slavyansk. According to her, a couple of days about a thousand people asked her again to become mayor.

The former mayor of Slavyansk Nelya Shtepa, who faces a life sentence, said he plans to return to an armchair of the mayor. She spoke about it on local TV channel TheSplus.

As she said, about her asking local residents Slavyansk.

“Wherever people saw me all hugged, kissed and said, “Nelia I., we are waiting for you, you should be mayor.” Maybe a thousand people I met during these two days,” said Shtepa.

“When I got out of the market, I turned and said to his children: “I’m the mayor of the city,” said Shtepa.

Earlier it was reported that the validity of the measure of restraint for ex-the mayor of Slavyansk expired on 14 January and at the moment none of the measure does not apply to it.

Recall that Shtepa was arrested on July 13, 2014. She is suspected of infringement of territorial integrity of Ukraine and aiding the separatists.