Shtepa refused to exchange lists of separatists – Lutkovska

Штепа отказалась от обмена по спискам сепаратистов – Лутковская

Nelya Shtepa

The ex-mayor of Slavyansk has been removed from the list at the initial stage.

The former mayor of Slavyansk of Donetsk region of nel shtep refused the exchange and movement on the territory of the DNI is still at an early stage of the negotiations – during the first verification of the lists. In an interview with told Parliament Commissioner for human rights Valeria Lutkovska.

According to the Ombudsman, Shtepa intends to prove to the Ukrainian court of their innocence.

“According to my information, Nelya Shtepa was one of those who refused to participate in this procedure because it was perfectly clear position, she wanted to prove his innocence in the framework of Ukrainian law in the Ukrainian court”,- said Lutkovska.

She also noted that Shtepa refused to exchange at a very early stage.

“As it was originally agreed by all the negotiators that the procedure, which took place on 27 December can only be voluntary, that is, when the person himself agrees to the participation, respectively, in the first verification Nelya Shtepa was struck from the list, because she had expressed its unwillingness”, – said the Ombudsman.

Recall, 20 September 2017, the ex-mayor of Slavyansk Nelia Shtepa took under house arrest, wearing her electronic bracelet. Prior to that, she was detained in the Kharkiv SIZO for three years. She was detained on 11 July 2014 and 14 July chose a measure of restraint in form of arrest for two months. The measure of restraint during all of this time has been extended.

As reported, on December 27 during the massive exchange on the Ukraine-controlled territory were transported 73 hostages, the militants of Kiev gave 233 as they may request.