Shukhevich accused Poland’s colonial ambitions

Шухевич обвинил Польшу в колониальных амбициях

Yuriy Shukhevych

The son of the head of the OUN-UPA believes that Poland expects to seize part of Ukrainian territory.

The recognition of the Polish Sejm “Volyn massacre” genocide testifies to the colonial ambitions of Poland, which hopes to regain part of the territories that are now part of Ukraine, says the son of the head of the UPA Roman Shukhevych Yuriy Shukhevych.

“This post-colonial manipulation. The idea is aimed at the regular beheading of the Ukrainian people, rid it of leadership and values, so that it again became helpless passive mass, which can impose foreign values and leadership. In this sense, you (Warsaw) in relation to Ukraine, exactly the same as Moscow. Show similar with Moscow and the post-colonial postimperialism thinking that openly showed your Sejm on 22 July. You think I don’t know that the poles hiding in the depths of the heart? Sentiment about Poland from sea to sea. Vilnius – our lions – our”, said Shukhevich in an interview with Gazeta Wyborcza.

According to him, Warsaw for many years could not speak about it openly, waiting for the weakness of Ukraine, and now, as usual, stuck a knife in the back”. “My father Ian often told me that when they fought the Soviets or the Germans, the AK (home Army) and was waiting for opportunities to strike them back”, – he stressed.

The classification of “Volyn massacre” as genocide, Shukhevych was called hypocritical, provocative and chauvinistic. According to him, no one mentions about the causes of conflict in Volyn.

“There (in the document) refers to a brutal occupation ethnic Ukrainian lands of the Second Polish Republic, the burning of our churches or that they have selected the Catholics, about the police “uspokoenie” villages, deportations, exiles, that the word “Ukrainian” was forbidden, and the poles coined degrading us the term “Rusin”?”, said Shukhevich.

According to him, the region perceived by poles as a source of cheap, virtually slave labor.

In 1943, he said, in the Volyn region was a guerrilla war and anti-Polish speech of the Ukrainian people, tortured colonial oppression by the poles.

Specified in the resolution of the Sejm of the death toll – 100 thousand poles, Shukhevych also believes that it is hypocritical, because, in his words, Warsaw has calculated all the victims at this time in the region, including during the war and occupation, and considers them victims of the “Volyn massacre”.

Poland adopted July 11 as day of remembrance of the victims of the Volyn massacre.

Note that among the reasons for raising the topic of Volhynia, called the law on the status of the UPA.

Volyn tragedy as ethnic cleansing of Polish and Ukrainian population conducted by the UPA during the Second world war. The number of victims who call the researchers, are very different: from 35 thousand to 100 thousand.