Shuster opened a case for tax evasion

На Шустера открыли дело за неуплату налогов

Shuster owed the state several million in taxes, according to the GFS

Fiscal service Schuster suspects of tax evasion in especially large sizes.

Fiscal service has opened criminal proceedings upon evasion from payment of taxes in respect of Savik Shuster and officers of the company “Savik Shuster Studio”, the press service of the SFS.

The Department reported that Schuster since 2005, resides on the territory of Ukraine, and in 2008, getting to your foreign currency account interest financial loan in the amount of 1.34 million euros, has not returned to the creditor in the specified period.

In addition, Schuster has not provided a tax inspection at the place of residence a Declaration of income received and evaded tax worth more than 2.1 million UAH, that is especially large size, is noted in the GFS.

Also as part of this production of the SFS plans to conduct a tax audit Schuster regarding the completeness of payment of taxes on the unpaid amount of the loan.

At the conclusion of the earlier conducted a planned documentary check it is established that officials of “Savik Shuster Studio” in 2012-2014 underestimated a value added tax with total amount of 1.99 million UAH at the expense of lowering the value of the TV program “Shuster Live”. The procedure of administrative appeal of tax decisions-notifications completed in favour of the tax authorities.

The authorities reacted to the scandal around Schuster

SFS also announced that summoned Schuster to testify – January 16, February 23 and April 12 – in this connection he is aware of the existence of a criminal proceeding.

We will remind, today it became known that Savik Shuster has revoked the work permit in Ukraine. As explained in the employment service, Schuster was not allowed to work in Ukraine because of the letter of the tax.

As reported Корреспондент.netJanuary 15, Schuster said the opening of a criminal case for allegedly failing to pay them taxes.