Siemens is mulling personnel changes – media

Siemens обдумывает кадровые перестановки - СМИ

German turbine travelled to the Crimea to bypass sanctions

Some individuals within the company are blaming the head of the Russian division of Siemens.

German company Siemens did not exclude personnel changes because of the scandal with the delivery of their turbines in the annexed Crimea. About this newspaper Handelsblatt, citing sources in the company.

“Despite the fact that the company sees itself as the victim, the personnel consequences are not excluded. Some individuals within the company are blaming the head of the Russian division of Siemens Dietrich Moeller,” writes the newspaper.

According to sources, Muller’s too late to respond on sanctions against Russia and not quickly checked data on violations that could occur in connection with the introduction of the sanctions regime.

Furthermore, despite the situation with the supply of turbines in the Crimea and financial costs, Siemens is not ready to risk the reputation on the market.

In addition to breaking license agreements with Russian companies, Siemens announced its withdrawal from the number of shareholders of the company Interavtomatika in which the German company owns about 46 percent.

The Siemens scandal erupted in early July when Reuters reported the German turbines which were originally built for the Taman, but got on the annexed Peninsula.

The company has accused Russia of violating the terms of the contract and filed a lawsuit in the Moscow Arbitration court. The Kremlin insists that arrived in Crimea “Russian-made equipment, assembled from Russian components”.

On July 20, the Board of Directors of Power machines, which is involved in the scandal with the supply of turbines by Siemens in the Crimea, decided to terminate the powers of the General Director of Roman Filippov.

Siemens played a surprise. Media about the turbines in the Crimea