Simeon: My son will become a great player, but not on my team

Симеоне: Мой сын станет большим игроком, но не в моей команде

Giovanni Simeone

The coach of Atletico Madrid Diego Simeone commented on the rumors about the transition of his son, Giovanni, into the camp of “plans”.

“The transition Giovanni my team would be too great a sacrifice, which has no place in football, in principle. My son had a great start in Genoa and in his first “European” season scored 11 goals, which is an excellent result.

Playing under my leadership, to Giovanni constantly went the additional responsibility that clearly would not go in his favor.

Despite the fact that my son has all the qualities to become a big player, it will not happen in my team. There are many clubs who are ready to offer him excellent conditions and opportunities,” Simeone was quoted by Football Italia.

This season, the 21-year-old forward has played for Genoa 27 matches and scored eleven goals scored and one successful transmission.

Earlier reported how legendary the player has lost more than a million euros on bets.

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