Simeon: the Most important real Madrid player – Casemiro

Симеоне: Самый важный игрок Реала - Каземиро

Diego Simeone praised the play Casemiro

The main Atletico coach, the Argentinian Diego Simeone shared his thoughts before the Champions League final.

The Champions League final between Atletico and real will take place next Saturday at San Siro stadium. Not so long ago, in the 2013/14 season the teams have already played between the main football trophy of the Old world. Atletico won with the score 1:0 for most of the fight, but a goal in stoppage time scored by the defender real, Sergio Ramos sent the game to extra time. Two halves of 15 minutes forces the Mattress is not there. Eventually real scored three more unanswered goals and took the Cup with him.

The Argentine coach Plans identified as part of the Royal club of the Brazilian Casemiro. In addition, Simeone said that in the final its only victory will do.

“I like the decision of Zidane about Casemiro. No one expected from him that he will trust the Brazilian in the team. It worked. Currently the most important player of real Madrid – Casemiro. The presence of such a player in the composition of the Cream allows better regroup in the case of losses. Besides, during the attack he also takes a very active part.

Zidane did not let anyone in the club to influence their decisions. It’s been said about him, as an accomplished coach.

The beginning of the final match will be very tense. The result will depend on how we enter into the game. The fact that we reached the finals a huge achievement. We spent the best clubs in Europe and simply deserved it.

But I will say only one thing, we need to win. Only this will make my boys happy,” said Diego Simeone.

Recall that the Champions League final between Atletico and real Madrid will be held on Saturday at San Siro stadium. The game kicks off at 21:45 Kyiv time.

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