Since the beginning of ATO killed 9 thousand 758 people, almost 23 thousand people were injured.

С начала АТО погибли 9 тыс. 758 человек, почти 23 тыс. человек получили ранения, - ООН

Since the beginning of ATO killed 9 thousand 758 people, almost 23 thousand people were injured. This is stated in the 16th report of the UN monitoring mission on human rights in Ukraine.

“The total death toll since mid-April 2014 until 1 December 2016 is 9,758 people; even 22,779 people were injured. This figure includes casualties among the Ukrainian Armed forces, civilians and armed groups. More than 2 thousand of those killed were civilians. In addition, in the plane crash MH-17 and killed 298 passengers and crew members. The number of civilians wounded in the conflict, estimated to be between 6 thousand and 7 thousand”, – the report says.

The report also said that the parties to the conflict not enough attention is paid to prevention of damage – combat actions can cause harm to schools, kindergartens and medical institutions.

It is also reported that “LDNR” continue to deprive people of their rights. Despite numerous requests, the monitoring mission of the UN on human rights in Ukraine had access to the places where prisoners were kept. The report refers to a number of penitentiary institutions and detention facilities in the territories under the control of militants, where persons are detained or prisoners before the conflict, and other areas in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions where militants hold or have recently held people.

“Hundreds of people remain missing. Some of them could die, and their bodies have yet to be found and identified; it is likely that some persons who are considered by the government of missing persons can be detained without communication with the outside world in areas that are under the control of armed groups, or Vice versa. However, in the absence of information to the families of the missing continue to experience deep suffering, considering the unknown fate of their loved ones,” the report says.

Recall also that, according to the UN, since August in the area of ATO killed 32 civilians, 132 people were injured.