Since the beginning of the day fighters 39 times opened fire – the headquarters ATO

С начала дня боевики 39 раз открывали огонь, – штаб АТО


Since the beginning of the day on 25 March, the militants carried out 39 attacks on positions of the Ukrainian military in the ATO area. This was reported in the press center of staff ATO in Facebook.

“The situation in the ATO area remains tense. Since the early days of the Russian occupation troops 39 times opened fire, including from heavy weapons, which is prohibited by the Minsk agreements”, – stated in the message.

Mariupol direction was in the midst of fire opposition. The night defenders of Marinka the enemy fired from a tank, and in the morning began to actively use artillery and mortars. Artillery systems of 122 mm calibre, the enemy fired at the Marines in the Water, from mortars of a caliber of 120 mm – defenders of Pavlopol, Shirokino and Novotroitsk. Mortars caliber 82 mm, the enemy used near Talakivka, and anti-aircraft guns ZU–23-2 – near Shirokino. At positions near the settlements of Novotroitskoe, Shirokino and Water were the fire of enemy snipers.

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In the direction of Donetsk near Avdeevka and Novgorod, the militants were shelling our positions with mortars 120 mm mortars caliber 82 mm at reference points around Novgorod and Zaitsev. From grenades of various systems, the enemy fired at positions near Avdeevka, Trinity, Heaters, and heavy machine guns – about Lugansk.

In some cases, to suppress the firing activity of the enemy force ATO opened fire in response.

Naponmim, over the past day in the fighting in the area ATO killed two Ukrainian military.

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