Since the beginning of the employment services used by more than 150 000 employers

С начала года услугами Службы занятости воспользовалось более 150 000 работодателей

The number of employers that during January-October 2016 get the services of the employment service, amounted to 152.0 thousand (that’s 5 thousand more than in the corresponding period last year).

This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the State employment service (Central office) Sergey Kravchenko.

“Today, for the employment service, the customer is the employer. During the year we aggressively reform our services and implement structural changes. These changes aim to make our services more simple and accessible, and hopefully after the start of our new website, all employers will feel it for yourself, because a large number of services will be available just online. I want to emphasize that with the beginning of the year until the month of October, we provided services more than 150 thousands of employers. This is a large number of clients, however, I am sure, when will new online services their number will increase”, – said Sergey Kravchenko.

С начала года услугами Службы занятости воспользовалось более 150 000 работодателей



According to him, one of the key services that employers receive employment centers is recruiting competent and qualified staff.

Staffing through the employment Service can, as a small company with a staff of just a few employees, and large industrial plants. Thus, for employment services there are no restrictions on the number of employees who need to pick up. For example, the Japanese plant “fudzhikura”, which was recently opened in the Lviv region, the efforts of the NHS fully staffed by 860 people.

Recruitment of staff takes place, as the classical method of analysis of resumes and interviews, and with the help of “stream of interviews” or job fairs. That is, the employment service is organizing the event for specific employer and invite applicants who meet certain criteria to them. Thus, the employer in one day can complement a large number of vacancies.

SPSS also carries out training of workers under the order of employer. What it means: in the structure of the employment Service there are 11 centres of vocational education. After completing the course of training in cpto unemployed can master one of the 77 workers with specialties for a specific employer. For example, an employer may give an order for training the 20’s painters and plasterers, who will study in according to the specifics of his business and then will be employed to it.

Also, employers can contact the Service on the selection of workers in temporary work. By the way, in the same system, the Service may apply and local authorities to provide public works.

The employment of military ATO today, unfortunately, has become a problem. However, since September of the current year entered into force amendments to article 14 of the law of Ukraine “On employment of population”.

The implementation of the provisions of the law will facilitate the employment of participants of the antiterrorist operation, because under the adopted amendments to the employer who will employ on the new workplace in the direction of public service of employment of these persons for a period of not less than two years, monthly kompensiruet actual expenses in the amount of single fee for obligatory state social insurance.

By the way, the payment of ERUs provided by the employer and after the employment of the other individual population categories: disabled, single mothers and others.
Even large incentives from the government, the employer may obtain, if through the employment service will be employed internally displaced person. Thus, in accordance with the decree of the government No. 696, employers that employ immigrants can receive full payment of their wages. However, the period of employment is at least two times greater than payment of wages to such workers. For example, if you employ one of the VPO for 10 months, the state will compensate wages for 5 months.