Since the beginning of the year, the bread basket has risen by 9%

С начала года хлебная корзина подорожала на 9%

In Ukraine becomes more expensive bread

Experts predict a further increase in the price of bread. Until the end of the year it may grow by another 10%.

In the first eight months of this year, all kinds of bread according to the Association of retailers has risen from 7% to 17%. On Thursday, 4 October, said the Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko on his page in Facebook.

For social bread basket was adopted on 1 kg of wheat bread from flour of higher and first grade, 1 kg of rye bread and 0.5 kg loaf.

He pointed to official statistics that showed similar results.

“According to official statistics, all types of bread have risen in the first eight months of this year from 8% to 10%. Thus, in particular, wheat bread from flour and bread rose by 8%, bread from first grade wheat flour and rye bread – 10%. Baton added 80 kopecks. and its price is 11.2 UAH per 0.5 kg, wheat bread from flour added 1.5 UAH and stands at the end of August to 19.6 UAH / kg, wheat bread from flour of first grade became more expensive on 1,5 UAH, and its cost is UAH 15,7, and rye bread – 1.6 UAH, and sold it the national average on 16,6 UAH per kg,” – said Doroshenko.

Generally, at the end of August bread basket is UAH 63,1, whereas in the beginning of the year – UAH 57,7. That is, for the first half it rose by more than 9%, or 5.4 UAH.

The statistics of the Association of retailers says that from 1 March to 1 September of the current year rye bread has risen almost 17%, wheat bread from flour of first grade – 12%, bread – by 9%, and wheat bread from flour – 7%.

Thus, according to experts, the bread will rise another 10% by December.

Earlier it was reported that one of the main reasons for the price rise is the shortage of wheat of the second and third class.

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