Sing and dance: Restaurateurs make good money at the new year corporate parties and holidays

Пой и танцуй: Рестораторы неплохо заработали на новогодних корпоративах и праздниках

Ukrainians are famously celebrated the New year holiday with their colleagues. Director of “restaurant consulting” Olga Nasonova says that this year demand for Christmas parties increased by about 40% compared to the same period last year. “Enterprise customers are actively booked the Banquet in November”, – says the expert. In previous years many business owners have postponed this step for the last day and ordered a Banquet a few days before the vote that makes restaurateurs nervous.

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Orders was approximately 30% more confirms the trend known Kiev restaurateur Maksym Khramov. And festivals were held almost to the last. “The last of the planned corporate events were held on 28 and 29 December,” he says. Some companies ordered events for 500 people, we did big halls, says commercial Director of “Mirovaya Karta” (Golden Gate Pub, Buddha-bar Kiev, Mimino, il Molino) Vitaly Shadchnev. “In Kiev there are only a few areas that meet these requirements. The restaurants areas are low,” he said.

The crisis is over

Ukrainian company for the first time celebrated the arrival of the new year holidays over the past few years. In 2014, nearly all of the businessmen refused to sponsor the festival, whereas last year many teams were walking for their. Company at best paid only the alcohol. “This year, many companies have agreed to pay not only drinks and treats, but also the work of stars,” – said the Director of the event Agency, who requested anonymity. Olga Nasonova adds that almost all Ukrainian stars worked at corporate events for Dec. Some very successful, managed to perform at two festivals in one day. The artists ‘ fees usually are priced in dollars, and their size is between 20-50 thousand dollars. for the evening. Minimum income corresponding to the name is 20 thousand UAH, while the celebrity does not take less than $10 million during the Christmas festivities the income of artists, as a rule, grow on 20-30%.

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This year, the company has carefully calculated budgets, adds Khramov. “Price played an important role for the customer,” he said. Many people have asked to bring your own alcohol, which in most restaurants is allowed. This behavior is significantly different from the pre-crisis period, when the costs are much less bothered by customers.

A successful night

About half of the 1.6 million workers in Kiev restaurants will work in the new year’s eve, estimated by Olga Nasonova. Almost all of them sold their tickets. This also applies to expensive restaurants. “For example, in Buddha-Bar this year will be singer Monatic, and the cost of tickets is 5-6 thousand UAH. Free places there are practically no”, – said Vitaly Shadchnev. Entrance fees to most of the restaurants will be about 1 thousand UAH per person. This amount includes drinks and snacks, often without hot dishes, as well as a show program. To entertain the visitors will be father frost and the snow maiden, and many of the venues will be themed celebrations. For example, in “F-cafe Marokana” is scheduled Oriental party with belly dancing and a disco. Restaurant Fish Bar Samogon satisfied with the Ukrainian party and Sanpaolo happy new year’s eve in the theater. Only few were invited to their festivities known presenters and performers. The bulk will utilize the services unknown to the General public artists, the fees of which rarely exceed 5 thousand UAH for the evening.

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In informal conversations restaurateurs tell us that approximately every fourth visitor remains dissatisfied after new year’s eve in the restaurant. The main complaint – failure location of the table, a boring program or a relatively small meal. It is no secret that this year’s restaurateurs provide only cold snacks, while in the hot dishes, you need to pay extra. Before going to the establishment is to study the restaurant menu and stock up on cash. Problems may arise with the shortage of alcohol: often, the cost of the entrance ticket includes a bottle of champagne for two and strong alcohol – four. So experts recommend to thoroughly study and entertainment, and ask as many questions as possible in advance.

Andrey Korneev