Sister Hopes Savchenko grenades congratulated Ukrainians on Easter

Сестра Надежды Савченко гранатами поздравила украинцев с Пасхой

Vera Savchenko has congratulated Ukrainians on Easter

Vera Savchenko has published on his page on the social network photo basket with stylized Easter eggs with dummy grenades. She also published a photo of the sister who paints eggs.

The sister of a member of Parliament, Nadiya Savchenko has congratulated Ukrainians with Easter and posted a Facebook photo “Easter” of grenades.

“Delicious Easter. Let 30 pieces of silver in his pocket do not interfere with the rattle of “soul”, signed Vera Savchenko photo, which depicts a grenade with the words “Christ is risen”.

Recall that Savchenko is suspected of organizing the preparations for the coup in Ukraine in case of the head of the Center for the release of prisoners of Vladimir Ruban.

Earlier it was reported that Savchenko came to the session of the Verkhovna Rada on 15 March with grenades in the bag.


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