Sister of Baloha told about his condition after the hunger strike

Сестра Балуха рассказала о его состоянии после голодовки

Vladimir Baluku allowed to see my sister

Meeting with the prisoner lasted half an hour in a special room for negotiations in the Kerch colony.

Crimean prisoner Mr Baluch after the cessation of the hunger strike looks and feels a little better. This was told by his sister Hope, which the day before were allowed to see my brother in prison, according to Thursday, November 9, Crimean human rights group.

According to the sister of the political prisoner, meeting with Baluchon lasted half an hour in a special room for negotiation. Baluch, which is now in the Kerch colony, want to get out and embrace the mother.

“Volodya thin, pale, gray face, the glint in the eyes, but it looks better than in August, when I last saw him,” said the sister of the prisoner.

She added that Baluch worries about the health of the mother, because she almost never walks and is unable to visit him.

The colony, which contain Baloha, according to the sister of Ukrainian, there are five cubicles with glass partitions and handsets through which it is hard to hear. Natalia said that during a meeting with his brother, they had several times to change the booth to hear each other.

Earlier it became known that Baluchi was transferred to the colony of Kerch.

As reported Корреспондент.net in early October, Baluch decided to stop the hunger strike. Before that, the Supreme court of the annexed Crimea has reduced by a month the deadline for its conclusion.


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