Sisters Muzychuk in the top three after the second day of the world Cup rapid chess

Сестры Музычук в тройке лидеров после второго дня ЧМ по быстрым шахматам

In men among the contenders to win the world championship our Anton Korobov.

In St. Petersburg ended the second day of the world championship in rapid chess.

Men after 9 rounds among the leaders in the Ukrainian Anton Korobov. He scored 6.5 points and shares the 5-15 place, 0.5 points behind the two chess players from China and two from Russia.

Women leader Ju Wenjun from China with 7 points, 0.5 points less Ukrainian Mariya Muzychuk. Her sister Anna is the third with 6 points.

The world Cup of rapid chess will end tomorrow, 28 Dec.

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