Six Atletico players included in the symbolic team of the Champions League

Шесть игроков Атлетико вошли в символическую сборную Лиги чемпионов

UEFA has presented a team of the week for the first semi-final of the Champions League.
After yesterday’s victory for Atletico over Bayern Munich (1:0) from six wards Diego Simeone got in the symbolic team of the Champions League for the week. Goalkeeper: Joe HART (Manchester City)
HART made two crucial saves in the match against real Madrid. Especially notable is the episode with the strike the Portuguese defender Pepe. At this point, the England goalkeeper had to show all his skill to parry the strike from close range.

Defender: Juanfran (Atletico Madrid)

Player of Bayern Kingsley Coman showed great speed and dribbling. However, Juanfran is taken care of first, neutralize it, and after Koman was replaced, and Frank Ribery, to whom the Spaniard gave absolutely nothing to do. Defender: Vincent Kompany (Manchester City)
The Belgian was a true leader Manchester city. Thanks to his confident and cold-blooded the game, real Madrid in this match virtually had no chances to score HART.
Defender: Pepe (Real Madrid)
Any Central defender who manages to pull the plug on Sergio Aguero – deserves recognition. Pepe is not allowed to create absolutely no sharpness at the gate of his team.
Defender: Filipe Luis (Atletico Madrid)
The Brazilian defender has taken a timely and competent decisions in every episode of the match. Midfielder: Aarón Ñíguez (Atletico Madrid)
21-year-old saúl Ñíguez this season adds from match to match. The Spaniard is a great shot brought his team to victory over Bayern Munich.
Midfielder: Fernandinho (Manchester City)

Brazilian Fernandinho has provided his team the compactness in midfield than totally ruled out the possibility of smashing counter-attacks of real Madrid.

Midfielder: Augusto Fernandez (Atletico Madrid)
It was only the fourth game of the Argentine in the Champions League. The midfielder has made a huge contribution to the ultimate success of his team.
Midfielder: Casemiro (Real Madrid)
Although Toni Kroos and Luka Modric are the main stars of real Madrid in midfield, Casemiro what their hard work did not allow city to create that threat.
Striker: Griezmann (Atletico Madrid)
In contrast to the second quarter-finals against Barcelona, the Frenchman did not play at the point of attack. But Griezmann has done a tremendous amount of work in defense and in attack, often providing his team availability zones ahead.
Striker: Fernando Torres (Atletico Madrid)
Torres, it seems, is back level. A player with great football intelligence, was very helpful in Atletico. In one of the episodes had an opportunity to score, but hit the post.The same news on Sports bigmir)net: Six players of Atletico entered in the symbolic team of the Champions League

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