Six countries are ready to send peacekeepers to the Donbas

Шесть стран готовы отправить миротворцев в Донбасс

Peacekeeping forces in the Donbas will have to act with a UN mandate.

Special envoy of the US state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker has called the country ready to send its troops to Donbass. He told this in an interview with radio Ekho Moskvy.

“With regard to countries, a number of States have already announced that they will be ready to contribute. This was stated by Sweden, Finland, Austria, Belarus, Serbia, and Turkey. In my opinion, this is a good range of countries, including several States that are treated in Russia more as part of the West, and several States that are considered in the West as part of the CIS space, and I believe that the sense of balance it would be logical,” he said.

The diplomat noted that organizational issues have yet to be discussed. “The peacekeepers will be deployed, at what stage, to be discussed, but from a fundamental point of view, once fully implemented, it should be a genuine peacekeeping force in control of the situation in the field of security,” said Walker.

He also noted that peacekeeping forces in the Donbas will have to act with a UN mandate.

Earlier media has published details of the Russian Federation rejected a plan for a peacekeeping mission in the Donbas.

Come after the elections. Walker on the Donbass

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