Sladan will help men to upgrade your summer wardrobe

Sladan поможет мужчинам обновить летний гардероб

The long-awaited summer and many representatives of the stronger sex think about an image change: demi things relevant in the unstable spring weather already rather tired even to those who are cold at +20 °C. In this regard, discount portal Sladan presented an updated catalog of men’s clothes from popular Ukrainian Internet-shops.

Sladan is the best choice for those who want to purchase a bright and stylish things without much expense. The portal offers things focused not only on the premium segment. Here you will find something of their own as casual fans and connoisseurs of office style and formal suits.

Sladan on the clothes discounted from the Ukrainian Internet-shops. Catalogue of men’s shirts includes more than two hundred products. There are the classic shirts, Hawaiian shirt and jeans, unusual stylish — sophisticated connoisseur can choose the right one. Buy men’s shirts discount on Sladan in a single click: no need to waste time filling in forms order, simply enter your phone number and store representatives will contact you.

In the directory of the portal there are shirts, t-shirts, jeans, underwear, cardigans, blazers, classic pants — all emphasize the style of men at any age.
Portal promotions and discounts Sladan started work on 1 February 2017. Since the launch of the portal team was able to expand the range of products to 700 thousand items. Sladan has partnered with 700 online stores and allows you to track major actions on men’s and women’s clothing, consumer electronics, household goods, musical instruments, building materials, etc.

Unique is that Sladan the client can find the most current discounts and promotions, or go to the website of the store of the seller, and to issue an order that will automatically be sent to the store, the item which is currently selected. Thus once you enter your personal information into the order form — in the future when making purchases on Sladan will not need to re-enter the data.