“Slate”: the head of the CEC gave a suspicion

"Черная касса": Главе ЦИК вручили подозрение

Okhendovsky handed suspicion

The suspicion was handed over at the airport Boryspil, where the stations flew out of Kyrgyzstan after the observation.

The head of the CEC Mikhail Okhendovsky handed a notice of suspicion reported in the press service of NABOO.

“Confirm the information about the presentation of suspicious Stations”, – said the press Secretary of NABOO Svetlana Olefir.

It is reported that the suspect handed over at the airport Boryspil, where the Chairman of the CEC arrived from Kyrgyzstan, after observation of the elections and the referendum.

As you know, the documents about the shadow costs of the Party of regions, the CEC appears several times.

Earlier, the CEC commented on “a black cash” regionals stating that these documents want to disrupt the by-election in Parliament on 17 July.

In addition, the stations said that the CEC did not take bribes.