Sleep with the lights on affect the weight of women scientists

Сон при включенном свете влияет на вес женщин - ученые

Found a connection between sleep and weight included women

Experts have found a link between dreams with the lamp or TV, and weight gain.

Scientists of the National Institute of environmental Sciences in North Carolina found out that sleeping with the lights on affect the weight. It is reported by CNN.

The specialist conducted a study and found that sleep while the light helps set women excess weight.

Scientists used data from a large-scale survey of women throughout the United States. It was held in 2003-2009, and was attended by 44 thousand women aged 35-74 years. The respondents talked about their habits.

The survey also had an item off the ladies for a night light. It turned out that 17% of women who left the lights or TV, recovered an average of five pounds a year.

Scientists note that sleeping with the light sources increases the risk of weight gain by 22% and obesity by 33%. The specialists emphasize that to confirm these data need to conduct additional studies.

Previously, scientists have found than dangerous irregular sleep schedule. It was also reported that scientists have named a new danger of lack of sleep.

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