Small and medium business is under threat. Trust…. check

Малый и средний бизнес под угрозой. Доверяй…. и проверяй

According to the statistics of theft committed by the personnel – realities that have become unfortunately the norm. And this happens not only in trade and not just for small businesses: businesses are constantly suffering from theft by employees.

So, a month ago on one of the enterprises of concern “Samsung” was a scandal: it turned out that the employee who is confined to a wheelchair within 2 years of stealing test device companies and marketed them through sellers of used phones. “Earned” an attacker thus more than 700 million dollars (!). The incident, the situation indicates that even in companies-the giants are flaws in recruitment and supervision of staff. (A thief with Samsung, by the way, has been with the company for 4 years before they started to carry the phones!).

Then what to speak of small businesses, where owners often are trying to learn the nuances of recruitment. Perhaps they think that to use the services of professional recruiters and investigators is a waste of money, but once he’s only a hired employee with cash or goods, the estimates of the expenses, or losses, will be different. And worry several these would-be workers and only became chief, the businessman risks to say goodbye to my business because of the constant losses. And it is not excessive drama, and the sad truth of life.

Small and large theft of goods revenue from the cash register, theft of office equipment, consumables, samples, and even stationery and toiletries ceased to be for some something extraordinary. The reasons of immorality of such behavior, not only in poverty (including spiritual) of individuals and society as a whole. Reason and credulity employers ‘ input, and lack of staff in the future.

In conditions when the Director takes mission the recruitment of the staff, which he guided in the selection of candidates? If the job does not provide specific knowledge, the course is a subjective parameter of “if only the person was good”. But to know the “goodness” of a candidate on the basis of the presented data is difficult, because you only see the information you want to share, but not the opposite side of the “coin”.

And on the reverse side may be in for unpleasant surprises, and you’ll be lucky if they show up shortly after the start of work: at best it’s incompetence, lack of experience and knowledge, and at worst – the tendency to fraud and theft with a “loop” from the past.

Here is another example: the incident in “Raiffeisen Bank Aval” in the Khmelnitsky region. Chief economist of the Bank with experience of 20 years, having the opportunity to take the keys to the ATMs to carry out technical works have used “chance” and stole from sapogenins 500 thousand UAH. He was arrested, but a quality selection and control of staff left!

No matter what the scale of business: small or large it is. The probability to suffer from actions of dishonest employees is always there. Not worth it, of course, start of paranoid to suspect each subordinate, but to trust only intuition — is not an option. If you become the own boss and manage your own business, and to the control of staff should be approached wisely. Check from time to time employees with experience and also candidates for selection. And if you are not familiar with the ways and methods of verification, we will address for help to professionals. For example, a detective Agency “SHERIFF” offers services of inspection personnel, which at the cost of 300 UAH for the Express test of one person, allowing you to secure the amounts are much large!

The task of verifying the candidate (especially if it is a candidate for financially responsible or top-management position), it is possible to lay additional elements: his full interview, psychohistorian, verify the place of residence and previous places of employment, credit history, and photograph (if necessary) even fingerprinting. “The icing on the cake” for the complete preparation of information-analytical dossier of the candidate, may also be passing them the “lie detector”. This kind of verification can be applied to current employees.

Firms with their security service, this service will also be of interest: due to busy with “routine” and constantly emerging time pressure, state, SB is not always able to objectively evaluate a particular candidate, or to focus on the individual current employees. In such cases, the use of freelance detectives – the best and right decision.

Business people create, develop and destroy the same people – pick people correctly, and for reliability check them!