Smile Of The Universe. Hubble sent a new photo of the cosmos

Улыбка Вселенной. Hubble прислал новое фото космоса

A distant galaxy has formed a smiling face

The picture shows the galaxy cluster SDSS J0952+3434. It was created using the WFC3 camera.

The Hubble telescope has sent a new picture with the “smile of the Universe.” It is possible to notice two glowing eyes and stretched his mouth into a smile. Depicted galactic cluster SDSS J0952+3434. This is stated on the website NASA.

The picture was taken using the WFC3 camera of the Hubble telescope. Scientists say that “smiling mouth” in the photo turned out with the light from the galaxy, which passed by a massive object, causing distorted.

This effect is distorted light is called “gravitational lensing”.

Earlier it was reported that the Hubble space telescope is temporarily out of service due to a failure of one of the cameras. Because of this, he couldn’t accurately aim at objects.


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