Smugglers laid the pipe to cigarettes in Bukovina

Контрабандисты прокладывали трубопровод для сигарет на Буковине

Cigarettes abroad were planning to drag through the pipeline

The attackers were planning to deliver cigarettes across the border for sewers.

In Chernivtsi region, the border guards found an unfinished pipeline for the illegal movement of cigarettes to Romania. On Tuesday, September 10, the press service of the State border service of Ukraine.

It is noted that about midnight of September 9 border guard Department Porubne found trampled grass close to the border with Romania. The border guards inspected the surrounding area and stumbled upon an unfinished pipeline, which took place near the barrier fence at the border. Laid in the ground of communication from the pipes reached about 10 meters.

In addition, the border guards found a pipe for further construction, which was cloaked nearby. The diggers also left the Bay, blue and yellow threads to 120 meters, which, most likely, had to drag their goods across the border.

And in the morning, 10 September, the soldiers detained two local residents Glybotskiy district, who came to continue the construction of the canal. In their cars, the guards found the necessary equipment.



Recall that in Slovakia detained Ukrainian-smuggler on the aircraft.

Earlier in Transcarpathia by the border guards with shooting and a pursuit detained smugglers who were trying to smuggle to Hungary 104 box of cigarettes.

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