Smuggling on the state level. Part time job diplomats

Контрабанда на госуровне. Подработка дипломатов

A kind of diplomatic cargo

Under the guise of diprose from Ukraine to Europe are trafficked cigarettes.

Sometimes one gets the impression that cigarette smuggling in Western countries in Ukraine involved in half of the country.

On the border had caught and smugglers, divers, and people trying to carry cigarettes on a hang glider or with the help of the drone, once revealed even an underground tunnel that ran under the border.

But diplomats and smugglers in Ukraine is still not detained. Yesterday in the Transcarpathian region came across the husband of the employee of the Ukrainian Embassy in Slovakia diplomatic weight in the form of cigarettes.

Корреспондент.net gathered information about the new “cigarette scandal”.

Strange diplomatic cargo

A citizen of Ukraine in a car with diplomatic plates tried to export to the EU almost 60 thousand packs of cigarettes under the guise of “diplomatic cargo”, said the customs office in Transcarpathian region.

An attempt of cigarette smuggling has occurred may 21, when to the checkpoint in the green corridor, stopped a car brand “VW TRANSPORTER” under control of the citizen of Ukraine.

On customs control of a citizen provided the passport, the certificate on vehicle registration, a letter from one of the embassies of Ukraine that the vehicle carried diplomatic cargo, which under the Convention is not subject to control.

Photo: GFS

The attempt by the SBU to inspect the cargo the driver of the vehicle stated that there is a diplomatic cargo and without the permission and presence of the representative of the foreign Ministry, he refuses to grant access.

As a result, the car is still inspected and in the salon, and constructive cavities of the right and left walls of the body of the car was found and seized 56 890 packs of cigarettes of domestic production with excise stamps of Ukraine, namely: 25 090 packs of “RED LD”, 610 bundles 24 “BLUE LD”, 490 packs “LD BLUE LIMITED”, 700 6 packs of “PALL MALL LOW SMOKE SMEL”.

The total amount of seized goods 620 911 thousand.

As noted, from questioning the driver of the vehicle refused.

Business of the Embassy?

Smuggled cigarettes as a diplomatic cargo tried to take out the husband of the first Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in Slovakia Oksana Lisishin, – the inhabitant of Kiev Sergey Lisishin.

A letter from the Embassy, which allowed smuggling, was signed by the wife of the driver.

After the occurrence of customs officers suspect the presence of contraband Sergey Lisishin scandal, threatened to call the Consul.

The Reaction Of The Foreign Ministry

The Ministry of foreign Affairs saying that they are in dialogue with the Ambassador of Ukraine to Slovakia Oleg havashi, figuring out his role in “cigarette scandal”.

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs, chief of staff of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko did not comment on the contents of the letter on diplomatic shipment, which smugglers tried to avoid customs inspection, explaining that until now has not received from the border guards a copy of this document, however, placed the responsibility on the Ambassador.

“The Ambassador needs to be aware of everything that is happening in his Embassy, if not was aware, this is a separate question to the Ambassador. But even worse, radically worse if he was aware of. Then we put the question to the President (on the rotation),” said Pristayko.

He stressed that “on Saturday evening” is in contact with the Ambassador havashi, but he claims that he was not aware of”.

The Deputy foreign Minister asserted that the Ministry will not interfere with the investigation.

“Our diplomat is a citizen of Ukraine, like you. And is also responsible before the law. If this (the existence of the letter, the diplomat of complicity in the smuggling) is confirmed, then we have to recall that as a diplomat,” he said.

Klimkin promises insights

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin promises quick conclusions about the scandal that arose around the Embassy of Ukraine in Slovakia.

According to Klimkin, has already begun an investigation.

“We’ll check, it was not prior to this attempts to do so, and will check on participation in other employees,” he said.

While Klimkin has promised “quick insights”. He confirmed that it was a family member of a representative of the diplomatic service.

“Our position – not just zero tolerance, and we will deal with such cases,” he said.