Snooker wants to get the status of Olympic sport

Снукер хочет получит статус олимпийского вида спорта

In snooker will begin to conduct a mixed competition.

World Confederation of billiard sports (WCBS) is going to first conduct mixed snooker challenges next month at the World games in Wroclaw.

This decision was made on the background of the recent news about the making of the IOC in the program of summer Olympic games 2020 mixed competitions in track and field, swimming, table tennis and triathlon. Thus, WCBS is hoping that snooker can also become an Olympic sport.

“We are very pleased to have reached this landmark agreement to conduct a mixed competition snooker for the first time in the history of the World games. It’s a rare occasion when sports men and women can play together and compete on an equal footing.

Billiard sport is not a physical contact or when much depends on strength and physique. In snooker play the role of technique, hard training, discipline and accuracy are key values of the Olympic sports”, – said the President of the WCBS Jason Ferguson.

According to the materials: