So it is with everyone. Kiev expels Russian journalist

Так будет с каждым. Киев выдворяет журналистку РФ

Journalist Anna Kurbatova

In the SBU said that Kurbatova “allowed himself to disgrace Ukraine.”

In Russia announced the kidnapping of an unidentified Russian journalist Anna Kurbatova in Kiev and the arrest of the SBU.

Later it turned out that at the moment there is a registration of necessary documents for official expulsion Kurbatova from Ukraine.


All within the law

The leadership of the Russian First channel on 30 August reported that their journalist Anna Kurbatov “grabbed the unknown close to home, put in the car and drove away”.

“Anna Kurbatov was detained by the SBU,” – said on the Ground, noting that contact with the journalist is not yet possible.

In turn a press-the Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya said that Kurbatova will be deported to Russia.

“The Russian propaganda Anna Kurbatova will be forcibly returned to Russia. Ukraine is a legal state. At the moment there is a registration of necessary documents for formal expulsion,” wrote Gitlyanskaya in Facebook.

The press Secretary also noted that “it will be with anyone who allows himself to disgrace Ukraine.”

In comments to the Ukrainian truth in the SBU said that everything is within the law.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin will make every effort to clarify the situation with the kidnapping of the journalist.

The Union of journalists of Russia announced its intention to appeal to the OSCE and other international organizations in connection with the incident.


The parade based on

It became known yesterday that Kurbatova appeared in the database of the site Peacekeeper. She was accused of “manipulating information” and prepare a “biased story” on the parade in honor of independence Day of Ukraine.

As noted Газета.Ru the last seven stories, the girls were dedicated to the situation in Ukraine, and the day before the abduction Kurbatov has prepared a report on the persecution of Russian journalists.

On the First channel broadcast a report Kurbatova on the military parade on the independence Day of Ukraine. According to her, the 26th anniversary for many Ukrainians turned out to be a sad occasion.

In its submission it also rasskazyvala about the armed conflict in the Donbass and made emphasis on the fact that Ukraine is in economic crisis, and the level of wages is only reduced.


Following deportation

After the annexation of Crimea and the conflict in the Donbass Ukraine has restricted the activities of Russian media in its territory.

So, in March of 2015 Ukraine has suspended the accreditation with the state authorities for 115 Russian media and banned the broadcast on the main Russian TV channels.

In the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs such restrictions are called an attack on freedom of the media and urged the OSCE, the EU and the USA for a tough response to the actions of the Ukrainian authorities.

In the same year, Russian journalists of the First channel Alexander Tcherepnin and Elena Makarov expelled from Ukraine.

Tcherepnin SBU detained, according to her, one of her clips about Ukraine. The journalist denied entry to Ukraine for three years.

August 15 this year, the Russian journalist VGTRK the Tamara Nersessian was expelled from Ukraine after its story about the music festival Bandershtat, where, in her words, “glorify Bandera”.

“I was detained on the street and was immediately taken to the office, the main office of the security Service, where for three hours was carried out the interrogation. I have the phone immediately confiscated and taken very roughly, with hand-wringing. After the interrogation, I was read the decision of the SBU that I will be deported and deprived of the opportunity of entry into the territory of Ukraine for three years,” she said.

The Nersesian also reported that the police took her to the border with Russia, and suggested a night walk to the Russian border checkpoint.

July 26, SBU reported that the journalist of TV channels Russia-1 and Russia-24 Maria Knyazev was expelled from Ukraine.

“The security service of Ukraine has blocked the destructive activity of the journalist Maria Kniazeva, who under the pseudonym “Saushkina” worked on the TV channel Russia-1 and Russia-24″, – goovrit in the message.

SBU notes that the Russian used a connection with the Pro-Russian media and experts to gather information on the situation in the state, activities of the higher authorities, the power structures of Ukraine.

SBU “get” not only to Russian journalists. August 25 this year, almost a day surrounded by SBU agents was conducted by the Spanish journalist Antonio Pampliega and Manuel ángel Sastre, who came to Ukraine to write about the conflict in the Donbass.

In their articles they talked about how local residents are hiding from the “shelling of the Ukrainian army”.

Because publications of the Spaniards forbade entrance on the territory of Ukraine. However, after the protest of the Spanish government, the Ukrainian government lifted sanctions.