Social benefits restored 80 thousand immigrants – Rozenko

Соцвыплаты восстановлены 80 тысячам переселенцев – Розенко

Deputy Prime Minister admitted that the lists of SBU possible errors

All payments are terminated 450 thousand people.

Social benefits restored 80 thousand immigrants who have confirmed their residence in the territory controlled by Kiev. This was announced by Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko, reports Government portal.

Vice Prime Minister reminded that the Ministry of social policy, Pension Fund and SBU stopped payment to those who had the status of forced migrant, but actually lived on the territory not controlled by Ukrainian authorities.

“Since the beginning of the year, the SBU handed over about 450 thousand cases, where they questioned people on the territory controlled by Ukrainian authorities”, – said Rozenko.

Tested, the Vice-Premier, was conducted by the SBU, border guards, interior Ministry and migration service.

“The lists were formed by reviewing the databases of Ministry of social policy and other departments. But mistakes can be. Those people who ceased to accrue social benefits or pensions, should contact the office of the Pension Fund or the Department of social protection for the recovery of payments”, – Rozenko said, adding that of the 450 thousand people on the resumption of payments turned about 80 thousand.

That is, concluded Deputy Prime Minister, a significant portion of people who have got to lists of the SBU, do not live on the territory controlled by Ukraine, and payments were suspended quite motivated. This, according to Rozenko, allows to prevent the flow of funds in uncontrolled Kiev territory, where the money can serve the financing of separatism.

As reported Корреспондент.net, the Ministry of Finance will check the legality of granting social benefits to immigrants and residents of the occupied territories in the East of Ukraine.

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