Sociologists told how many Ukrainians are willing to suffer for the sake of reforms

Социологи рассказали, сколько украинцы готовы потерпеть ради реформ

Not willing to endure hardship for the sake of reforms, 31% of respondents in 2018 they were twice.

Willing to endure material hardships for the sake of the success of the reforms 59% of Ukrainians. Among them 19% are willing to endure as long as necessary, and 40% do so more than a year. This is evidenced by the results of the poll.

Not willing to endure hardship for the sake of reforms 31% (in 2018, this opinion is shared by 62%).

The most positive responses were among the Ukrainians who plan to vote for the party the servant of the people (72%), Voice (71%) and European Solidarity (68%). Less willing to tolerate the voters of the Opposition platform – For life (42%).

The survey was conducted on 13-20 June 2019 throughout Ukraine, except the temporarily occupied territories, among 2017 Ukrainians from 18 years and older. The error does not exceed 2.3%. Client – Embassy of the Netherlands.

Earlier the Ukrainians called the reforms that want to see first. Ukrainians believe that first and foremost the new government must carry out anti-corruption, medical, pension reforms and reforms of law enforcement and lustration of officials.

NATO membership is supported by more than 50% of Ukrainians

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