SOFTORG: new time for Ukrainian light industry

СОФТОРГ: новое время для украинского легпрома

The company SOFTORG in conjunction with the equipment manufacturer JUKI has launched a new phase in the development of light industry of Ukraine. The company has initiated and implemented unique for the country market project – the Laboratory of the fashion industry, the opening of which took place in Kyiv national University of technologies and design at the end of 2017.

The company presented the “SOFTORG” Laboratory fashion industry – is the first Ukrainian audience, equipped with the newest high-tech sewing equipment worth half a million hryvnia. It should be noted that some of the machines haven’t been run on sale even in Europe.

“This is the first project in Ukraine, providing an opportunity to young specialists of light industry to study in ultra high-tech machines, – said Alexander Zverev, Director of SOFTORG. – Our company has supplied this equipment to ensure appropriate educational process of students KNUTD that will be able to significantly raise the level of professionalism of young engineers, designers, and sewers.”

SOFTORG, making such a generous gift KNUTD and the industry in whole, gives a new timing for the strategic growth potential of light industry of the country. Thanks to this initiative, the level of professionalism and practical adaptation of young specialists in light industry will increase at times, skills of students and graduates of the University will meet the needs of the employer, and the results of their labor – market requirements.

“Today, universities, particularly public, it is difficult to find material resources to ensure the educational process with modern equipment and in accordance with the requirements and demands of the market, – said Ivan Gryshchenko, rector of KNUTD. – Thanks to our cooperation with the company SOFTORG, we have the opportunity to access training and research laboratory on the basis of the latest high-tech cars of the Japanese manufacturer JUKI. This will bring the learning process to a new level”.

The Laboratory of the fashion industry in KNUTD SOFTORG plans to conduct workshops, trainings and seminars with the involvement of Japanese engineers and technologists of the highest level not only for University students but also for industry representatives wanting to improve their skills. Thus, the first master class from world experts on the equipment of the sewing production will take place on January 25. During the event, participants will be able to get helpful tips and expert advice how to optimize your business with innovative technology, and test the latest equipment JUKI.

SOFTORG not going to stop – the company actively invests in the development of the market of light industry of Ukraine, and in February 2018, will be equipped with innovative equipment audience in Khmelnytskyi national University. And in the future – modern classrooms with the latest technology will have the Universities and other cities of Ukraine. It is, indeed, the beginning of a new time in the Ukrainian light industry.