Soiled all. “Fight” against corruption in the defense industry

Испачкались все. "Борьба" с коррупцией в оборонке

All investigative bodies to investigate embezzlement in the defense sector, knew about the fraud and closed the case for taking bribes, journalists say

A major investigation into corruption in the defense sector – the main theme of the last weeks. The minimum amount of state losses estimated at about 250 million. According to other estimates the losses even exceed UAH 1 billion.

The reporters found that corruption in the defense sector, among others involved in the NSDC Deputy Secretary Oleg Gladkovsky – people around the President Petro Poroshenko.

Gladkovsky Poroshenko dismissed. But now, reporters found that almost all power structures of Ukraine initiated a criminal case against companies involved in corruption schemes of the group Gladkowski.

But later bribes were closed or “softened” such investigations.

How much to close the case?

Journalists say that the Prosecutor’s office, Military Prosecutor’s office, the security Service, the State fiscal service and National anti-corruption Bureau repeatedly opened criminal proceedings in the defense industry.

Law enforcement has investigated, in particular, the company Optionspecial, which was involved in large-scale transactions.

It is through this company the son Gladkovsky, together with partners, Vitaliy Zhukov and Andrei Cattail earned the black parts with inflated prices.

As evidenced by their correspondence, which is at the disposal of journalists, entrepreneurs often bribed law enforcement officers. Basically, it was about 10-20 thousand dollars at a time.

Among the documents is, for example, communication Romance with an employee of the SBU Dmitry Moskalenko on the amounts of bribes and criminal matters.

The military Prosecutor’s office, according to the journalists, 3 times in one year, opened a case of fraud, but they never touched Gladkovsky, Zhukov and Romance.

In the first production of the condemned dummy Director, and the second sent to the attorney to verify the taxes, and in the investigation of the third law enforcement officers even went so far searches of the Ukroboronprom. However, according to journalists, later Prosecutor’s office I took to “clean up traces”.

NABOO in 2016 in the investigation of other production made Optionspecial in the list of fictitious firms.

After that, one of the entrepreneurs Vitaly Zhukov in personal correspondence resents the actions of the Bureau and says that the first Deputy the head of Department, Gizo Uglava will write a letter to an error investigation.

According to journalists, the next day, the company really disappears from the list of fictitious. And before the fellow NABOO Dmitry Litvinenko said the Cattail, what kind of firm he owns.

Investigators insist that another element of fraud in the Ukroboronprom was a former secret agent NABOO Evgeny Shevchenko. He allegedly helped other defendants to obtain the necessary documents from the Bureau.

The reaction of the police officers

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko said that the GPU in any cases of corruption in the defense industry is not delayed and is not closed, and slung the charge on NABOO.

“The military Prosecutor’s office and security service no one roof. Caught the attackers, who along with Cattail engaged in fraud, even if they were employees of the SBU, 2018 are in the dock,” – said Lutsenko.

At the same time, a press-the Secretary of GPU Andriy Lysenko said that in the Prosecutor’s office investigated only one case of fraud in the defense industry.

“Accordingly, there were two lines of investigation. The first is a fraud. This episode in court in 2018. The dock is, in particular, the SBU, mentioned in the conversations with the defendant in the investigation – Cattail” – said Lysenko.

According to him, the second episode concerns the non-payment of taxes: “it is declared suspicion levied a considerable sum of arrears to the state budget”. “So all this talk about bribes for closing or delaying the case by the GPU don’t correspond to reality,” – says the press-Secretary of Department.

The security service of Ukraine declares that their employee Dmitry Moskalenko, who is involved in the investigation of journalists detained in 2016 on suspicion of fraud.

“In the framework launched in 2016 criminal proceedings it was detained by employees of internal security services in conjunction with the Chief military Prosecutor’s office. In accordance with the requirements of the legislation on 17 February 2017, he was put in possession for the time of pre-trial investigation, during which SBU gave full support to the state office of public Prosecutor in this case “, – declared in SBU.

Today the right Moskalenko already considered by the court.

NABU prosecution of journalists and the GPU has not commented on. But earlier the Minister Artem Sytnik warned that the Bureau would try to accuse of intentional inaction and emphasized that NABOO has no relationship with Evgeny Shevchenko, who calls himself “an agent of NABOO”.

In the Council of public monitoring of the National anti-corruption Bureau said that the Director of NABU Sytnyk must immediately suspend the suspects in the coverage of corruption in the defense industry of the Ministry’s staff to carry out on them an official investigation.

Someone will investigate?

The state Bureau of investigation has opened proceedings about granting by officials of the GPU, the SBU, the SFS and the EMB bribes for failure to conduct pre-trial investigation and not to prosecute individuals involved in corruption in the defense sector.

Emphasizing the importance of the objective investigation of a particular production, the Director of RRT novel Pipe noted the need to create their own operational units.

“Operational support of the criminal proceedings against officials of law enforcement bodies should carry out their own operatives GBR”, – he said.

“However, current legislation allows us to employ only those operational units of law enforcement officers involving in the investigation,” added Pipe.

What politicians say

Corruption in the defense sector remains topic No. 1 the Ukrainian elections. Yulia Tymoshenko urged to create a parliamentary temporary investigative Commission on this issue.

President Petro Poroshenko has signed the decree about appointment of the Colonel Sergey Krivonos, Deputy Secretary of the national security and defense, instead of the previously dismissed Gladkovsky.

During a meeting with the new Deputy Secretary of national security Council, Poroshenko said that Krivonos “zero tolerance for corruption”.

Prior to this Sergeant served as first Deputy commander of the special operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, ran for President of Ukraine, but withdrew his candidacy in favor of Poroshenko.