Solar Eclipse: where to watch how to prepare

Солнечное затмение: где посмотреть, как подготовиться

Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018

Saturday will see the last of the three eclipses. The solar Eclipse will begin at 11.47. Ukrainians will see the partial occultation of the solar disk, and only with the help of special optical devices.

More than just a darkened part of the sun will be visible in the East Siberian sea, near Wrangel island. To observe the rare natural phenomenon will also be available to residents of: North America, Iceland, UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, China, Mongolia, and some regions of Kazakhstan, and at sunset you will see him in North and South Korea.

The first year a partial solar Eclipse in the world watched on July 13, and the longest in this century moon – July 27.

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Next time a full lunar Eclipse is expected on 20 January 2019, and full sun – July 2 next year.

As the Eclipse affects the human body

Солнечное затмение: где посмотреть, как подготовиться

The solar Eclipse of 11 August / photo: EPA/UPG

It is known that the influence of eclipses on the human body negatively. Thus an adverse impact is felt not only on the day of the phenomenon, but for the week before and 7 days after.

According to astrologers, the negative effects of the Eclipse will increase retrograde Pluto, and this means that unfavorable period may last until the end of the year.

Солнечное затмение: где посмотреть, как подготовиться

A solar Eclipse in August 2018 / photo:

It is not recommended at this time to engage in serious cases, conduct financial transactions to make major purchases, marriage. Also, experts advise not to appoint on August 11, surgery, after recovery may be delayed.

Because the psyche of the people at this stage are unstable, one can feel the apathy, the fatigue, the other way around – a burst of activity and friendliness.

The day of the blackout, people often suffer from headaches, pressure surges, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Signs of the day

Солнечное затмение: где посмотреть, как подготовиться

Eclipse / photo: EPA/UPG

It is believed that if you exercise in these days generosity is soon giving will be incredibly lucky.

This is the best time for the elimination not only of old resentments, habits, oppressive relationships, but unnecessary things.

Good luck to pour water or get wet in the rain, but to twist an ankle or stumble – not a good sign, indicating that the person chose the wrong path.

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