Soloist of the Lviv Opera house commented on the accusations of separatism

Солист Львовской оперы прокомментировал обвинения в сепаратизме

Nicholas Sanzharevskiy

The actor admitted that he collected money for the DNR but they were addressed not to the separatists and it was in 2014. This was stated by the artist, who is suspected of anti-Ukrainian activities.

Soloist of the Lviv Opera house Nikolay Sanzharevskiy, commented on accusations of supporting separatist and anti-Ukrainian activities. It is reported by TSN.

Sanjarevskaya suspected of anti-Ukrainian propaganda and raising funds for the DNR. He admitted that in 2014 really created the Internet piggy Bank. Yes, he says, the money collected for the civilian inhabitants of the occupied territories. When I realized that the means used by the separatists have ceased to collect them.

“I admit, purses, referred to, was created by me in April 2014. I realized that my intentions are quite other purposes by other people. In this regard, I stopped any activity of such areas and appealed to the administration “web money” on blocking these wallets,” commented Sanzharevskiy.

The artist went on interrogation in SBU. His house was raided, seized equipment. And by coincidence, today, January 17, the SBU said that exposed in the Lviv region moderator anti-Ukrainian groups.

“At first he came to talk to our investigators, and then in his house was held the investigative actions in his presence. The investigative activity has occurred in previously opened criminal proceedings – we are talking about assisting a terrorist organization”, – reported a press-the Secretary of SBU in the Lvov area Oleg Alexandrov.