Some are protesting, others are paid. What happens to the “everblame”

Одни протестуют, другие платят. Что происходит с "евробляхами"

“Euroshare” block border

In Ukraine came into force new rules of a customs clearance of cars designed to eliminate such a thing as “EuroBLECH”. However, not all owners of cars on foreign registration ready to legally use your car.

While “euroshare” prefer to strike and not to pay for the legitimate importation of their cars into the territory of Ukraine.

Moreover, the protests significantly hit across the country closed checkpoints on the Western border of Ukraine Lviv and Volyn regions.

Gradually, the protests fade away, and “euroshare” begin to pay for customs clearance of cars. find out what is happening with the “euroshare” in Ukraine.


On the Western borders of Ukraine clashed. Owners of cars with foreign registration already the third day block the crossing points to Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

They seek cancellation of the new law, which must be clear of cars on avtonomera or leave it at the border when entering Ukraine the full amount of the fee as collateral.

Protesters burn tires. Also on the borders from time to time erupt clashes between truck drivers, protesters and police officers.

The losses from the protests significant. According to the estimates of Lviv customs office of the SFS, due to the blocking of the crossings owners “EuroBLECH” per day on average in the state budget is not received 30 million.

November 25 was blocked all the checkpoints in the Lviv region. As of November 26, 2018 unblocked three checkpoint, but only for cars and buses.

Freight vehicles carrying out transportation of goods of foreign economic activity, are blocked. Therefore, the goods cannot be delivered to destinations, customs clearance is not performed, the customs payments to the state budget not paid.

“The management of Lviv customs office of the SFS once again appeals to the protesters, urging them to unlock the checkpoints do not prevent other citizens and subjects of foreign economic activity at the border” – call customs.

Began to pay

But in Ukraine cleared the first car in the European rooms. It happened in Chernivtsi region. A citizen of Ukraine cleared the car Renault Laguna 2004 release with a German registration and a diesel engine. For it in the state budget, the new owner paid nearly 50 thousand hryvnias.

Chernivtsi customs also awaiting customs clearance 5 vehicles with foreign registration.

Overall, stir until customs clearance no.

By the way, all proceeds from the importation of the promise to send the Pension Fund to cover its deficit, the indexation of pensions, payments in the first place those who receive the minimum pension.


Head of Lviv customs office Levko Prokipchuk reported that protesters unable to deportations from Poland and the cancellation of the card of the pole, because the blockade were Polish diplomats.

According to him, the Polish side asked for information about protesters that don’t pass cars through checkpoints.