Some MPs are going to go at the PACE media

Часть депутатов собираются ехать в ПАСЕ - СМИ

Ukraine has still not submitted to PACE the composition of the new delegation, so the sessions are going to attend the people’s deputies of the old structure on the new.

At the autumn session of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe may be some representatives of the Ukrainian delegation, which refused to participate in it. On Saturday, September 21, writes European true with reference to the MPs.

As noted, a list of the members of the delegation deliberately not passed in the Assembly before the autumn session. Under PACE rules, this means that the Assembly has the right to go the old delegation of powers of its members will be fully recognized in Strasbourg.

According to the newspaper, the people’s deputies from Batkivshchyna, the EU and opsi that was in the old part of the delegation and remained in the new, already planned this trip.

“We have to go and defend Ukraine’s interests, but not to keep PACE under the influence alone of the Russians. In particular, we will be able to raise the issue of Macron, will be able to speak on the so-called elections in Crimea and so forth,” – said the representative of the European solidarity Alexey Goncharenko.

The publication notes that the intent of the individual MPs to go to PACE contradict the head of the profile Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Bohdan Yaremenko, who has previously said that the Ukrainian delegation will not attend the PACE session.

“Some of them, not excluded, can go. But it will be a reflection of their personal will and not the will of the Verkhovna Rada”, – he said in comments to EuroPride.

Recall that in late June, the PACE returned to Russia all the powers, despite the fact that Moscow did not fulfill any of the seven resolutions that became the reason for the sanctions against the Russian delegation.

In response, the delegation of Ukraine left the session of the Assembly and the Verkhovna Rada has canceled the invitation for election observers from PACE.


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