Son Avakov was detained. Details

Сына Авакова задержали. Подробности

Son Avakov was detained at home

Alexander Avakov is suspected of embezzlement of the state budget.

The son of interior Minister Arsen Avakov Alexander was detained by the representatives of the National anti-corruption Bureau. He also were searched.

Avakov Jr., according to various estimates, presented or plan to present a suspect on charges of misappropriation, embezzlement of property or taking to them by abuse of official position.

He is suspected of supplying backpacks for the police at inflated prices.

Корреспондент.net collected information about the detention of Avakov’s son.


Avakov was detained NABOO

October 31 NABOO detectives raided Alexander Avakov in the investigation of the case regarding the procurement in late 2014 – early 2015 backpacks to the Ministry of internal Affairs.

In the NAB said that the Bureau detectives are conducting an investigation in criminal proceedings about the possible embezzlement of state funds during a purchase of backpacks for the interior Ministry.

The Ministry added that the searches conducted at the place of residence of potential defendants in the proceedings. Detained former Deputy interior Minister Sergei Chebotar and two more people.

The Solomensky court of Kiev had to choose a measure of restraint for the detainee to Avakov. At the courthouse in the corridors are about 30 people in camouflage. On the site there is also a former adviser to the interior Minister Ilya Kiva. He says that these people – his friends, veterans of the ATO.

However, the press Secretary of Solomensky court announced that the petition to the NEB, and SAP for the arrest Avakov Jr. in court today did not arrive, and after 18.00 they of such documents to adopt have no right. So, as a preventive measure for Avakov did not elect.

According to the latest Alexander Avakov from 16 PM is in the building of NABOO.


The reaction of the interior Ministry Avakov and

Arsen Avakov for the first time commented on detention of the son after almost 12 hours. He accused the NAB to satisfy political interests and said that Alexander Avakov “had no money” from the state budget of Ukraine.

“Neither my son, nor firm in which he is a founding have not had any money from the budget of Ukraine. And Alexander Avakov will be and will prove it in court,” wrote the Minister in Facebook.

Avakov said that all would be in favour of the anti-corruption court: “It needs to be fast and be competent”.

He added that he was confident in the ability to establish a “balance of independence and independence in the young anti-corruption agencies”.

The Ministry of internal Affairs, in turn, said that the detectives actions are political and not legally justified.

“It is clear that there are certain external and internal forces, the intention of which is the restoration of the old corrupt system of “protection” and “dogovornyak”, – stated in the message departemen communication of the Ministry of interior.


The thing about backpacks

In February 2015, the Ministry of interior has concluded contracts with Dnipromisto five thousand backpacks with a value of 14.49 million hryvnia and Ligacheva one thousand backpacks costing 2.1 million.

In June 2015, came a journalistic investigation that the backpacks is purchased through the company controlled by Avakov.

Criminal proceedings in respect of irregularities in the purchase of backpacks to the Ministry of interior was opened in July 2015. The former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin has transferred its investigation of the military Prosecutor’s office, and from April 2016, the GPU has transferred the case to NAB.

In the spring of 2016 NABOO in the pre-trial investigation gained access to the Bank accounts of the supplier of tactical backpacks for MIA Dniprofan, which is associated with the son Avakov.

Pre-trial investigation established that officials of the Ministry of interior in collusion with business entities that have committed embezzlement in the procurement of six thousand backpacks.