Son Kolomoisky in the US plays basketball in the NCAA tournament – media

Сын Коломойского в США играет в баскетбол в студенческой лиге - СМИ

Gregory Kolomoisky is playing in the team of the first division of the NCAA in the United States

The son of Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky Gregory plays in the first division team of the NCAA in the United States.

The son of Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky plays in the first division team of student basketball League USA – NCAA. About it reports on Sunday, December 30, sports edition of the Tribune.

“It turns out that the son of a Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky Gregory plays in the first division team of the NCAA. He acts under the third number on the position of point guard. He has a four competitor at the position. They consistently play the first year. Kolomoisky – the freshmen, the new one”, – writes the edition.

It is known that Kolomoisky son 19 years, he studied at the Cleveland University on the specialty of sports management.

“Gregory has a Swiss passport and much points to his Swiss citizenship. In the profile page, student teams from his city of birth – Geneva”, – says the publication.



It also indicates that the student-basketball player has a height of 193 cm. While he has a little practice, but it is called “a strategic novice.” Sometimes Gregory falls on the photo-collages of the team. At the same time, his own photos in the network is very small.

Earlier the businessman Igor Kolomoisky, reported that his son decided to become an athlete.

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