Son Pirlo will be a Juventus preview

Сын Пирло пройдет просмотр в Ювентусе

Andrea Pirlo’s son

15-year-old will try to gain a foothold in the Juventus U-16.

15-year-old Nicolo Pirlo, a son of the legendary Andrea Pirlo in the near future will be a viewing at Juventus, according to Corriere Torino.

At the moment, the young footballer plays for the youth team Pecetto playing as a midfielder.

It is noted that Nicolo will be a viewing for the performances in the team of the Juventus U-16.

Recall that Andrea Pirlo played for Juventus from 2011 to 2015. During this time he became four times champion of Italy, won the national Cup twice, the Italian Supercup. In November of 2017 Andrea had hung up his boots.

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