Sony AF8: minimalism and Japanese quality

Sony AF8: минимализм и японское качество

Sony introduced in Ukraine, the TV series AF8 – the embodiment of advanced technologies and minimalist design.

According to the manufacturer, so you may want to look at the effect of total immersion in the plot and the atmosphere of the cinema from the comfort of home is provided to you.

In OLED-TVs series AF8 picture and sound are perceived as one. This is possible thanks to the technology of Acoustic Surface, which plays the sound directly on the screen. In fact you hear it is from the mouth of the hero who speaks. Seen have never seen so realistic.

The design approach is built on the concept of harmonic minimalism that combines a simple design with nice shape and texture. Thanks AF8 easily fit into any interior solution.

The 4K processor X1 Extreme HDR with advanced image-processing technologies ensure faultless playback in real-time.

It is worth noting, and colors with great contrast. In the series AF8 each of the 8 million OLED pixels on the screen is a separate light source is controlled and Autonomous, that allows to achieve the maximum depth of black and contrast.

Among other advantages AF8 – work on current version of Android TV. There are improved voice search, whereby search for movies, and any other information has become much easier. For example, say aloud the full name of your favorite actor, and instantly get complete information about his life, career and filmography.

TV models Sony AF8 presented and available in two sizes – 55 and 65 inches (139 and 164 cm, respectively). A nice bonus for gamers will be compatible with gaming consoles PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®4 Pro and games support HDR. With such high quality picture and sound in AF8 easy to lose the line between the real and the virtual world, but we are confident that you will like it.