Soon 28. NBU for the holidays inflated dollar

Скоро 28. НБУ на праздники взвинтил доллар

The official hryvnia exchange rate set on 30 December to 4 January fell to 27,19 UAH in the cash market the dollar is 27,9 UAH.

The national Bank of Ukraine set the official exchange rates for the new year holidays it will operate from 30 December 2016 to 4 January 2017.

As reported on the website of the regulator, the official dollar exchange rate on December 30, is 27,19 (+0,298), Euro – UAH of 28.42 (+0,451), the Russian ruble — UAH 0,451 (+0,008).

Thus, the hryvnia continues to fall in comparison with yesterday fell against the dollar to 30 cents.

The cash market reacts synchronously. So, the dollar in banks and in the cash market by noon on December 30 rose to 27,52 hryvnia in banks and almost 28 UAH in the cash market.

Скоро 28. НБУ на праздники взвинтил доллар

Real cash exchange rates in Ukraine today (screenshot

In exchange offices of Kiev December 30, the dollar rose to 27.9 UAH in the sale and purchase of 27.55 in:

Скоро 28. НБУ на праздники взвинтил доллар

The dollar today exchange office in Kiev (screenshot

On the black market dollar today sold for an average of 27.85 UAH:

Скоро 28. НБУ на праздники взвинтил доллар

Buy the dollar on the black market in Kiev is possible without problems for of 27.85 UAH. (screenshot

Exchange boom in Ukraine continues more than a week. December 21, NBU promises to calm the foreign exchange market, agitated after the nationalization of PrivatBank. So, just yesterday the national Bank sold on the interbank market nearly $ 60 million to repay the demand, but were paid only 67.6 per cent and said this week the fall of the hryvnia is not associated with PrivatBank. Also the rise of the dollar, the national Bank explained the Catholic Christmas.

Meanwhile, the bankers give optimistic forecast for the dollar at the beginning of January 2017. In the beginning of the month waiting for the stabilization of the situation on the interbank market, since there will be excessive demand for foreign currency from oil traders and over the weekend will accumulate the foreign currency revenues. After the holidays, the situation on the market may level off due to the postponed January 9 (the official day off in Ukraine) supply of currency.