Soros: USA, was elected President of fraud and potential dictator

Сорос: США избрали президентом мошенника и потенциального диктатора

USA in the near future will be busy with internal struggles that will entail the coming to power of Donald trump. This is stated in the article, American financier and philanthropist George Soros to the “European truth”.

According to Soros, trump coming to power will allow some dictators to compromise with the Americans. Soros also notes that democracy is now facing a crisis.

“Democracy is in crisis. Even the United States, the leading democracies of the world, elected as its President a fraud and a potential dictator. Although trump has toned down his rhetoric after being elected, he has not changed neither his behavior nor his advisers. In the composition of his Cabinet is incompetent extremists and retired generals,” writes Soros.

He is convinced that despite this, democracy in the United States will survive, because the American system of government strong enough to resist the excesses of the Executive power, and this will prevent the conversion of potential into a real dictator.

“But the United States in the near future will be busy with internal strife, while the minority will suffer. The United States will not be able to defend and promote democracy in the rest of the world. On the contrary, trump will be more acceptable for dictators. This will allow some of them to reach a compromise with the US and others to continue their business without interference. Trump wants to negotiate and not to defend principles”, – said Soros.

Donald trump is elected President of the United States. Was nominated for election from the Republican party. Officially trump will become President of the United States January 20, 2017.